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Community Education

The Ayana J. McAllister Legacy Foundation endeavors to establish an important platform that directly engages our communities in education around anti-violence issues. We hope to educate community stakeholders and advocates and develop their skills to influence anti-gun violence legislation.  We envision strengthened communities of color, empowered to work together with elected officials and religious leaders to proactively reduce gun violence in their neighborhoods.  Our Foundation will partner and work closely with other local and national advocacy and civic groups to model a united front on these issues. 

Community education and action are critical to creating safer communities.  By making complex legal and policy issues understandable, providing trainings, and teaching individuals how to advocate for their own communities, we empower individuals to work with elected officials to pursue effective and realistic goals that are attainable.  Gun violence prevention activities include but are not limited to advocacy training, developing gun-free zone programs, and developing mediation programs.

Additional workshops will be offered to advance understanding of the effectiveness of smart gun laws.   The curricula will also feature promising approaches for gun regulations targeting public officials, public health professionals, violence prevention activists, attorneys, law enforcement personnel, and other community leaders.