Tyreese McAllister Addresses the South County Democratic Club,  March 6, 2018 

On Tuesday, March 6, 2018, Tyreese McAllister addressed elected officials and those seeking public office, at the South County Democratic Club (SCDC). The goal of the SCDC is to advance the goals and objectives of the Democratic Party through public interaction, political issue analysis, education, recruitment, fundraising, and coordination and cooperation with residents.  It also focuses on the democratic organization, and other community-based activities to benefit the party and enhance general welfare.  In recognition of Women’s History Month, Dr. James Dula, SCDC President invited women candidates to the members on their platform and campaign.   Other speakers were invited to speak on issues of importance to women voters and constituents.  


Tyreese R. McAllister, Member of The  Ayana J. McAllister Legacy Foundation, addressed the issue of gun violence.  Tyreese explained that Gun Violence and a push for anti-gun violence legislation is a hot topic currently, given the recent school shooting in Florida.  She clarified her viewpoint to the audience of African Americans seeking public office, and participating concerned citizens, that legislation being advocated is necessary; however, it will not significantly impact communities of color.  She continued that firearms used to commit crimes in the African American, Latino, and even Asian communities are often obtained illegally, which means stronger background checks, longer waiting periods, age restrictions, and mental health evaluations will not have the impact on communities of color. Tyreese shared since the untimely death of her daughter less than a year ago, her family has established the Ayana J. McAllister Legacy Foundation to address gun violence specifically in communities of color.  During her statement, Tyreese stressed the conversation is different, the issues are unique, and the solution is not the same.  She implored the audience to support upcoming events to include the Couture Impact, Fashion Show Scholarship Benefit Dinner scheduled May 20, 2018 and the Legacy of Love Prayer Breakfast (June 2018).